Gordon and alyx having the time of their lives.


I’m kinda new to posing, Constructive criticism please.

Very stiff and very empty.

Alyx looks messed up too, the finger posing is bad and she’s holding the crowbar wrong.

It’s empty because it’s the scrapyard from black mesa east, it was empty ingame and i thougth keeping it the same way was a good idea.

No no it wasn’t a good idea at all to keep it empty

put scrapyard shit in there to cover up the background space, junk cars, rocks, maybe grass or something

and wow is that simple dof

the way gordon is posed both him and alyx would just tumble over

You better take critism because this section is gonna rage at you if you are defending your picture.

Just saying.

Super DoF makes my Gmod crash :saddowns:, I try to take as much criticism as possible just let me remind you that i don’t have years of experince in posing.

No the camera angle would still be terrible.

Fat, in college, they act the same, while experience may not be for everyone, they still criticize strong the same. I’m going to go easy on you, since I am not perfect at this either.

Except, if Gordon handed his crowbar from his right hand up above to her like that, wouldn’t it get flipped that way? Could of grabbed it on an angle to her left, since her right arm does have a cast on it.

As for messed up, she does not look as excited, but maybe this is where a replacement model comes in handy? Her right arm then is not casted, so she should be now able to have the strength to hold it up that side. Not to mention, her hands would not be as fake.

(visual only intended for FatFatFatty, and not you!)

As for super DOF, I do not see why to worry about that, when similar effects can not just be applied in PhotoShop or something.

why don’t you make like a banana, and SHIT!!!

I expected both of their facial expressions to actually be like they’re having the time of their lives.