Gordon and Alyx surrounded by zombies

This is my first more serious picture of gmod posing.
The first picture is the original with no editing.


The second one is the same but with a little enhancing. I think it’s too blurry but i await your reply, especially you Chesty (you give me a lot of motivation with your excellent criticism).


Posing on Alyx seems a little poor. Makes me think shes the wrong kind of person to be fighting with…


And dont use NPC’s

Gordon seems a bit odd(how he is holding the crowbar)
Alyx is pretty strange too.
And where are the zombies?

ehh. alyx is posed badly and gordon looks kind of out of it


there are three behind alyx and one thats like right next to gordon

Not bad. Alyx’s bum needs to be tucked in more though.
First picture is better.

this flare looks like a glowing dildo…
and alyx is posed awkwardly,you should have make her more upright

Clipping on the gun.

alyx’s posing is basically saying “come defile me please”