[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Gordon-Chief

[tab]Version:[/tab] v1.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] Gordon Freeman’s Torso and upper legs hacked onto Master Chief’s arms, lower legs, and head.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] A brain,:freeman: Half a life :freeman: , and Garrysmod

[tab]Download:[/tab] http://files.filefront.com/HAXzip/;10411564;/fileinfo.html
[tab]VERSION2[/tab]::siren:MUST DOWNLOAD ABOVE FIRST:siren: http://files.filefront.com/New+Versionszip/;10428287;/fileinfo.html
[tab]V2 Player Models[/tab]::siren:MUST DOWNLOAD ABOVE TWO FIRST:siren: http://files.filefront.com/Playerszip/;10435048;/fileinfo.html

:siren:Download the first two if you don’t want to see errors.:siren:


I was searching around the internet watching people fight to the death over whether Gordon or Master Chief would win, so I came up with this.

And by the way, sorry I couldn’t post in-game screens, but my PC is on the fritz. Here’s some Model Viewer shots.



Screens of v2.(Plus the one with Gordon’s head has face-posing!:v:)

:siren:This isn’t a Gordon vs MC thread, if you feel the need to argue, LEAVE:siren:

Constructive criticism is welcome

[release]I’M ALSO TAKING HILARIOUS MODEL HACK IDEAS IF YOU CAN GIVE THEM TO ME. For instance, something like that old g-man baby.[/release]

I was expecting Gordon’s head replacing MC’s head.

I always thought Gordon’s head was a bit…bare. Plus this looks cooler.

I could make another version like that though.

Mind if I make this into a player model?

Sure, I was debating on whether to make it a player model myself…so go ahead.

Okay? Is this the Master Chief with missing armor parts? :smiley: This looks funny, seriously, but nice work. I would like to see the Halo 3 Beta Master Chief model with Gordon’s Head :slight_smile:




For a second I thought you made a model of renowned British chef Gordon Ramsay.

It would be better if it looked like this

I agree with this guy devcon can you make it like this picture

Pretty fuckin sweet, ever notice how gordon’s helmet and doomguy’s helmet both look like chief’s helmet? Gordon shouldv’e kept that sucker, it made him look hardcoar.

I wonder maybe that’s the reason they don’t show the Master Chief’s true face.

LOL ha that’s pretty funny


Devcon you could make two versions gordon’s head on masterchief’s body and masterchief’s head on gordon’s body

Haha when I first saw the title I thought it was gonna be Indian Chief Gordon. Would’ve been so much more epic and funnier :v:

As suggested, I’ll make two more versions, MC with Gordon’s head, and Gordon with MC’s head. :freeman:

Whoa! Well that’s some thing different…

Master Freeman! :smiley:
Awesome hack.

Scientist : Gordon what did we say about fusion?
MG: I am Gordon nor Master Chief , I am Master Gordon!

great model

Can i make npc?

oh awesome and then when you’re done can you put them up for download and can I upload them on garrysomd I’ll give you full credit but if you want to upload them there then that’s cool too YOU ROCK