Gordon fighting in the Citadel.

Pretty much what the title says. Some constructive criticism please.


Holy shit! Nice ingame blood

good idea,bad executions
the edit is nice but the posing is quite bad and corpse disposition makes no sense
from where it looks he comes from,he could not have killed that now-near-headless combine

Haha the Combine on the floor made me lol.

Idea is kinda cool but the posing and camera angle are quite poor.

it’s nice to see some good ol’ fashioned half-life pictures in these parts :clint:

I kinda suck at posing, but with each pose im getting better and better. And i dont see why Gordon couldn`t kill the now-near-headless combine from where he comes.

Editing’s good, work on your posing :smile:

It’s completely over the top. Which is why I like it.

Because from the angle that combine is laying, Gordon would have had to have hit him from about where the camera is now. Which, looking at the picture, he did not.