Gordon Freeman: Anticitizen One edition



Steam Workshop
-HD textures
-Advanced shading
-Advanced physics
-Separate props for bodygrouped stuff (can be used as attachments)
-Dynamic Shadows support

-Kran4e aka FreemaBG: head and helmet models, original textures
-Inaki: flexes and optimizing the head for source
-Alex Portman: improving textures, additional skins and minor fixes


Sweet, another Gordon model. Seems after each one is release, the next one always looks better!

That’s pretty damn awesome, DP.
Great work.

Would it be possible if we could also have the t-shirt used in the trailer?

Damn you’re work is always amazing.

I guess compliments are stupid now

Maybe a suit bodygroup?

Best goddamn end of the summer model ever

It’s better than I thought it’s going to be! I think that’s going to be a big milestone in gmod modelling - end of “Best Model of Gordon War” :smiley: You’re good.

Damn that is a fine model.

Its great this model is done, Im proud to have participed in its development, to me its the best Gordon model arround.
Here is an old vid of the flexes when I was working on that:

The only thing that bothers me about this model is how the model disappears when you attempt to rotate any body part of the model with the Ragdoll Mover tool, and this seems to be a common problem since I’ve seen some other models do this, too. I don’t know what’s up with that.

Personally ive never really liked any of the HL2 hands, but it looks good.

The glasses look kinda wierd in the first pic.

lets see some sfm with this >:P

Also, it might just be me, but the bumpmaping of the wrinkles around Gordon’s nose/mouth looks weird since the lighting on them just looks odd and unrealistic to me.


Kinda looks like the bumpmap is inverted. It would be cool to have that fixed.

The model is amazing, but the wrinkles kinda just makes the model a little…meh. I mean he’s only 27-28 years old, right?

This is the best damn Gordon Freeman model ever… But he needs a Civilian clothes and a lab coat skin.

I put the folder in my addons, but I can’t use him as a player model, only a ragdoll. what am I doing wrong?

Is their a way to use the helmet in the player model?

Well, stress is said to be able to cause wrinkles. I would think the events of Half-Life, Half-Life 2, and the Episodes would cause the stress.

this model of gordon freeman looks a bit like my dad, if you shave the beard down to stuble that is