Gordon Freeman climbing a ladder and defending himself


i’m aware of the double smg and water reflection

Question: Why did you use a v_model you should crop the top a bit.

Because Gordon Freeman consists of hands and the gun. He uses wormholes to transport various weaponry to him and away, so he has uber inventory. Gordon Freeman does not need legs, because he is the god and he is going to save the world, how can he think about legs?! The head is useless for Gordon, he prefers to keep his head (along with the hearth and blood cycle systems and other parts of his body) in a wormhole and only god knows how he does that. Gordon Freeman has two additional hands and two additional legs, all are invisible, on his back so he can climb ladders and shoot zombies at the same time.

That’s the joke.


First I was “wat?”

Then I “oh i get it”

I laughed when I got it, nice.

Very nice ^^

If it was executed a bit better I’d love it. Right now, I have to say great idea.

Looks good.


Haha wow I didn’t expect this.

Good one. :v:

Gordan Freeman is god… wait isn’t that Morgan Freeman?

That’s what it was made for.

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