Gordon Freeman grazing Master Chief's helmet

Graze is a synonym for lick by the way.




I thought you meant he grazed his head with a bullet or preferably crowbar. Damn your trickery.


no u


Shut up.


God damn it, Gordon isn’t gay.

How do you know?

He spends most of his time staring at alyx’s arse.

I have lost all respect for you demoniclemon, before, you made really cool poses, but now you’re gay


Homophobe. :buddy:

Hey, being gay is stupid as you know it ! We aren’t following our ancestors and fathers/mothers like this!

It’s not stupid. If you born to be gay, you can’t do anything about it. It’s just normal as being straight. :biggrin:

No you are not born being gay. Nobody is born being gay. you become gay by going into websites and listening to other peoplle.

What? O_O You are wrong.

Gordan Really liked to TASTE metal… :smug:
Unless its cold then it gets stuck :l

No sir you are both wrong it’s a chemical imbalance in which a male has more estrogen than testosterone and vice versa.