Gordon Freeman model

I’m looking for a nude model of Gordon Freeman, and before you jump to conclusions it’s NOT for doing stupid sex poses with Alyx

It’s for a short movie I’m trying to make - there’s a scene where Gordon first wakes up in his apartment on the day of the resonance cascade - he gets up, has a shower, etc… normal morning routine.

I need a nude or at least topless model of him for when he looks into the mirror after stepping out of the shower…

I know for a fact there’s one out there - this picture among others proves it:


After literally hours of googling I can’t for the life of me find where to download it…

Anyone have any ideas?

I was considering learning how to head hack Gordon’s head onto another nude male model, but I’m using a Mac, and I don’t know any of the Mac programs for it?

I also thought somebody would have made a model of Gordon without his glasses by now, but I can’t seem to find that either. I’m useless at finding things…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You sick little monkey!

Oh god the horror

Well. There’s about two or three nude Alyx models on garrysmod.org (Just type in Alyx and the first one is a nude Alyx.) …So. Maybe you should use a topless Alyx for you movie? :downs:

What’s so sick about a guy stepping out of a shower?

I’m not gonna show his wang or anything, just a waist-up view of him looking in the mirror…


Well good for you ionuttzu go find yourself some, as for the Gordon Freeman model I think there is one on Garrysmod.