Gordon Freeman request thread (no, not a model or skin, youll see)

all with kleiner hands if not a unique body


ravenholm refugee


barneys metrocop suit

medic suit

with players, and friendly and enemy npc’s

heres a link containing the skin…the only known gmod made skin in existanse thats actualy accurate with mostly everything… http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=93732

okay then…also, i still think it would be cool if someone headhacked this gordons head onto the cryisis nanosuit, and then made a 2nd version with a HEV suit color scheme…


oh, and to add to the headhacked bodys, kleiner should also be used, for obvious reasons

aswell as the HEV suit model (but that just requires common sense)


so…anyone going to comment?

I would like this to be done aswell.


Ok then, thread most likely dead now. lol.

What the hell is this shit?

Well in a nut shell, he wants RustyZombie’s Gordon Freeman headhacked on to a bunch of different models.

Apparently he doesn’t realize that Rusty’s Gordon is a reskin of these:

The second link already had a Gordon head on all the different models (save for a couple like the medic and Barney/CP uniform)
All you have to do is rename the facemap for Rusty’s and replace the ones from those packs.

S.N. will be happy, and feel stupid. :smiley:

actualy, what i did was delete onemanshows materials and rustys did the rest…

in a sense, i solved my own problem without reading the thread…

i feel stupid now, but oh well

Because I told you to do it.

This thread humors me.