Gordon Freeman walks through a deserted city.

Questions? Comments?

Sounds more like a recently devastated city. But this looks cool, the Freeman’s pose is perfect. Great job there.


Pose is good, but the model looks far too shiny for the scene.

It’s good, I don’t like that model or how he’s just staring at the ground though.

I agree with Reflectent, the model doesn’t fit the atmosphere, but the pose it’s just perfect, just like in the
RTB Concept art.

Needs more beheaded Links and Marios.
Otherwise, good. Could use some desaturation though.

I’m not a big fan of Kathar’s Freeman, lol. The face is just too… plain.

The blur makes no sense and the camera angle isn’t very exciting. Posing and prop-placement is quite decent though.

the bodies kinda look out of place

nice, just need to darken everything, and its an apocalyptic deserted city