Gordon Freeman


My word, Gordon Freeman.

That said, the hair is shaded in a really flat way, the glasses look like Kleiners ones (might just be me though), and the suit is rather over bumpmapped. Also, I’m not sure if the face is a good enough likeness.

On the plus side, I like the way you’ve modelled the hair and beard.

Whoa i don’t care what anybody says this is the best looking freeman, Great work so far!

I agree wholeheartidly.

Originally I wasn’t going to check the thread, but I saw that you posted the thread so I was like “fuck yes it’ll be awesome”

I was mostly correct, except for everything NeoDement said. Looks great other than the hair and maybe the normal maps on the HEV suit.


His cheeks could be a little more pronounced, his nose is a little too small, and you have a bit too much scruff on the sides of his jaw and a bit too much hair in the back… but otherwise this is definitely going to become the Gordon model for the foreseeable future.

(Also, just noticed that it looks like he got punched in the ear. Make it way less red.)

You can never have too many Freemen…Freemans? Freepeople? Freeple?

At any rate…I will eagerly await this released. I agree with the cheekbones and hair, however.

His forehead seems a bit too large compared to pictures.

I’d say it’s easily the best yet.
Although, the Goatee needs to be thicker.

The ear looks as if he was out in the cold too long.

why does he looks so angry :frowning:

Cause he’s a silent, bad-ass, killer, scientist!

Sexy, to the extreme

Looks like young Gordon.

This is made of epicness. I Like the way you modeled the facial hair and stuff.


So far, very good. Can’t wait until it’s downloadable.

Also, see if the Black Mesa guys need a Gordon Freeman playermodel for the multiplayer. ;D

Why do people insist on recreating Gordon Freeman for source?
If you remake any character, then it should be Ivan the Space Biker.

I dunno, maybe they want to make HL2 poses?

Ivan would be fucking awesome though

Ivan would be so awesome, I’d download that in nearly an instant.