Gordon Freeman's Doppleganger (Super Awesome Combine/ Zombie Killing Machine)

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Haven’t posted anything in a while because I ran out of ideas.
Posted this because I ran out of ideas.
C&C please.


That’s pretty cool.

Oh almost forgot, listen to thread music so the picture would look cooler.


I was expecting something really dumb, I am pleasantly surprised, good job!

the original hell march was way better.
the suit looking kickass.

Yeah, original hellmarch wastes all others, this looks awesome

Haha, ok I’ll change it to Hell March 1.
I just typed Hell March on youtube and picked the first one there.

I Lol’d. This looks great.

So this is what would happen if Gordon didn’t rebel against combine?

Stupid gordon. He should have went combine.

There’s still another episode! Half-life 2 Ep3:Gordan takes Breen’s place

Fookin’ badass. I like it.

badass. I especially like how you did the legs

This is blasphemy.

This is heresy! :commissar:

Awesome. Just badass.

Hmmm, I can’t seem to rate people.
But thanks for the great comments guys.

Me neither.

I came in here expecting some noob, flatgrass pose.

I was pleasantly surprised :smile:

Wow, you said the same exact thing! :v:

Effin A man!
The only thing I don’t like is the bugbait in his arm.