Gordon Freeman's pet

This is the last submission of my newbish pictures that I’ve made so I could learn better posing. The next one will be very different from the rest I’ve made so far. The only thing i want to ask is if you could suggest me a good quality enhancer program that i can use for editing.

P.S. I hope i didn’t ruin anyone’s day. :smiley:


Gimp http://www.gimp.org/ is nice if Photoshop is out of the question. Day is not ruined:)

Hahaha, pretty nice!

Haha, didn’t see that coming :haw:

I liked it!

Nice work and idea. Posing is great.

Not bad. Camera angle could be improved though.

Good Posing!

lol. reminds me of the part in Gears of War 2 when you and Dom ride the Brumak

The Antlion King

High hooooo! Silverware

Cute idea, love the posing.

How can you rate my post disagree? The camera angle is terrible.

This picture might have been something other than “cute” or vaguely amusing if you had just lowered the camera and actually made an effort instead of just no-clipping somewhere non-specific and taking a picture that cuts off half of your characters on the right and leaves a shit-load of empty space on the left.
Also, the picture is blurry as fuck.

Yeah, the blur isn’t good. I lol’d.

ChestyMcGee I’m sorry if i disturbed you but i didn’t disagree with your argument. You were right about everything you said and i will take that into consideration. I also want to thank you for telling me what errors my picture has so in the future i can make better poses, camera angles, quality and so on.
Again i apologize for any misunderstanding regarding the picture.

Posing’s meh.
Nice idea though, pretty cool.

Rated “polite”. Apologies for acting like a dick.

I saw this and thought:

“We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz! :v:

Dunno why, either. :smug:

I likes it :3:.

NPC’s, Don’t use em.

I don’t blame him. Antlions are hard to pose and it doesn’t detract from the picture.