Gordon gets a job - CP

The first of hopefully a series next in line Gordon gets a job - Chef.
please comment and rate and say if youd like another one and any suggestions.





Erm, well, first impressions.

You shouldn’t ever, ever use paint for dialog boxes, or anything of the sort. Also, you need to run some of your spelling through a checker.

You can find a simple, easy and free editing program by the name of GIMP. Here’s the link for it.

Also, I don’t think Gordon would want to be working for CP. But that’s just my opinion.

its not the spelling its the font ill use a different one next time. i have gimp but i dont find it any good for comic editing because you cant stretch the size after youve made the picture (i think). and thats the point gordon wouldnt even need a job its just meant to be ironic.


and what should i use for dialog boxes then?

Troll senses tingling




also “YOUR FI RED”
Well I lol’d at the bad spacings

thx im gonna use a better font next time tough

I couldn’t read, but if you stop using paint and urn up your graphics a bit more It will get a lot better :slight_smile:

as i said already im gonna use a better font and i have graphics absolutley full.