Gordon in the Mark IV HEV Suit model

I know there’s a great reskin out there of the Mark V to resemble the Mark IV. However, for a feature length HL1 machinima I intend to make, I need something a little bit more detailed than a reskin.
My intention is to use the maps from Black Mesa Source when it’s released later this year, get a cast together for the voice acting, reskin a few specific models, but the kicker is Gordon. Since he’s going to be the main focus of the film (and yes, he will talk. I have a full synopsis if you’re interested in reading it, PM me) so I’m looking to get a really high quality Gordon.

Ok, now for the reference images…

For the face, the texture needs to be almost a rediculously high res, about that of FakeFactory’s stuff.
Preferably something like this with a few less gray hairs:


The HEV suit that is in Black Mesa Source, at least in my opinion, isn’t exactly what I’d imagine.
See for yourself:


I would prefer a model more closely resembling these images (made by WillhelmKranz on Deviantart)




I can probably get a head start on the head texture, that is assuming that this Freeman model http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=64450 would be headhacked onto the Mark IV. Or hell, even just the Sandro_Facemap could work.

If someone could post the head textures after converting them into an image file, I could start on it.

I am working on a completely new model of Gordon but he will look more manly and rugged like he does here:

Give me some time and I will post my progress. I am also going to make his hair more realistic instead of just a bump on top.

Woah who did those drawings? They’re awesome.

Edit: Nevermind, found it.

I’ll be greatly looking forward to seeing your progress.
Two questions though, do you think you could take on the Mark IV suit I posted, and is he going to have a longer face than it appears in that Episode 2 pic? That one makes him look like he has a head shaped like Brad Pitt.

Yes, I am using the suit you posted as a blueprint. However, does that person have the suit in a side view? Because as of right now I have to guess the proportions from the side. Also, I’m going to be using this picture as a head reference:

Progress so far:


VERY nice progress on the head (although I think his face should be a little longer/narrower. I hate to say it because everyone else does, but Gordon DOES have a Hugh Laurie shaped head.)

Higher-res head shot:


The OFFICIAL Gordon Freeman head (maybe use it as your main reference for the model)

The texture of Gordon’s head may have been a blend of the four faces, the shape was mostly determined by the head on the right.

That action shot in my first post was the closest thing to a side view he’s done.

I’m trying to see if I can commission the artist to make the textures for both the suit and Gordon’s head.


Update, I’ve gotten into communication with the original artist and he seems extremely excited about this.
I’ll ask him to do a side view, or at least a simple one to show the sizing. He also voice interest in doing the textures himself (of course, it would require someone to do the alphas, shading, all that, but the base texture he wants to do, after the model is unwrapped.)

Something that he/I will need help with is getting a higher than typical resolution Gordon Freeman texture, unwrapped and converted into an image file. Also, if someone could unwrap FakeFactory’s hi-res Alyx and Vortigaunt texture.
It’s my hope that we can get THIS level of detail into the textures:

Holy burritos.
This is gonna be awesome.
Lets be unoriginal:
Later by we could make random black,white and blue skins for Gordon Freeman,just like Kathar.

I always saw the mark IV suit more bulky and brownish orange like this


Those are two different suits and the one on the left is close to the concept art.

I could really use that side view right about now. Tell him it doesn’t have to be colored or polished- a sketch is fine.

Working on getting that side view, the artist lives in Germany so there’s a bit of a language barrier and he is often away from the computer.


I had to double post, but I’ve been tweaking the Kather Gordon facemap in GIMP for a while (I’m better with PS). Could somebody try it out in-game and post screens for me? With comparison shots of before and after?


Still needs some work on the hair. A high five to anyone who can guess who’s face I took elements from to make it!

Also working on redoing the Kather HEV suit skin, both Mark IV and Mark V versions. But wont have anything to post until later in the week when I go over to a friend’s for photoshop.


the suit on the right would make a good base model for an ivan the space biker model,

if the suit had one

@J. Muffintop : i’d go with House

@idea: i’m really looking forward for this , i always wanted a really accurate Gordon model (not to offend the other awesome gordon models made cause i got one myself) but i always want to pump out the best out of my game , sadly FF dosnt work for me the way it should but i still use tiny mods to pump out the best of it. the model looks great aswell as the art