Gordon killing a H-Grunt with his crowbar REDUX!

I made a rendition and an edit. My first attempt with GIMP.


Rate ‘r’ Hate.

what I can see, it looks good.

Thank you for the CC.

Ouch, that looks like it would hurt. Good job.


You’re so mean to my favorite type of soldiers. D:

Yeah, I put in quite an effort to make it look like he acually was choking him. Notice the leg forcing him towards the crowbar, hopefully choking him.

Gordon doesn’t look angry enough.
But other than that, that’s great.

I noticed. Why did you stop using Romka’s Model?

Romka’s Gordon?

don’t you know gordon is an expressionless robot

Yeah, I tried not to make him look to angry, 'cause that would take all the badass-edness out of it.