Gordon mourns the death of Alyx.

Critique and comment please!

Moved my edited picture to the top of the thread.


a few more angles please


gordon’s facepose is good.

Needs a bit more editing and Alyx’s head could probably be further back.

That is as far back as her head could tilt. Ah well :frowning:

His face is a little less than “…”

Needs more “…”

oh god, his face.


Looks like he’s thinking “bitch why you die?”. Seriously he looks more pissed-off with her than sad.

Gordon Freeman is the Chuck Norris of videogames, he can’t cry.

In all seriousness though, i tried for about 30 minutes to Gordon look sad. Didn’t work out as well as I had planned, so I made him look angry and depressed. This also did not work out.

Second to last is my favorite :D.

By the way, if you close his eyes and make him seem angry, it would be like holding back tears. :open_mouth:

Might be easier, I’unno :v:

Thanks Revan for that tip. I made some very minor changes to the picture, I hope it is for the best! (You can’t have Freeman without his crowbar!!!)

I think a more realistic situation involving Gordon and Alyx’s death would look something like this:


Yeah, that’s just the HEV suit effect with a crowbar 'cus when I got in-game I realized I didn’t have the Freeman ragdoll, and yes that is a crappy 2 second speech bubble.


But in all seriousness it’s well-posed. You get an artistic.

He’s suposed to mourn her, not cuddle with her…although I wouldn’t mind it.


I wonder what had her killed…