Gordon Puts on the new Mk 6 HEV Suit

Loving this new model

You can edit it and what not… but give me credit as well

Crap, you took my idea! lol nice one, I like the model, too

Thanks! And sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:4chan:I aplaude you.:4chan:
I love it.

Thanks! :3

Zombies are now irrelevant.

Heh… now all he needs is a crossbar :v:

Your textures are on low.

Textures low = bad picture.

-snip- Hmm… it changed the Texture quality to medium O_o

I had it set to very high…

idk how that happened

shame I dont have a save… I’d retake it…


LOL! That’s great. Good work there.

Who the hell needs crowbars when you have that.

That is the sort of armor you wear while you are punching Striders to death.

Glad everyone likes it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

sorry for the bump…

Poor Dog, what will he do now?

Recon missions for White Forest :v:

Alyx. Who needs a girlfriend when you are all ‘YOU ARE HUGE! THAT MEANS YOU HAVE HUGE GUTS! RIP AND TEAR! RIP AND TEAR YOUR GUTS!’

Haha… whatever floats your boat :v:

Nice job i love the way you used the fallout 3 amour to show it

Why thank you :3:

Maybe this weekend if I’m not swamped with homework I will retake it

I still don’t know how my texture quality got knocked down to medium… :S

Is the suit powered by crowbars?
That would make it even more epic.