Gordon Stained Glass Image

Yo. I was wondering if anyone knew where in the Garry’s mod files (or even the HL2 files) to look for the stained glass image of Gordon that was used in the e3 demo maps. That, or just supplying a rip would be very nice, but I’d prefer it not being an in-game screen shot.

I’m just not having luck finding it in my files.

Thanks so much.

It’ll be somewhere in the Source Materials.gcf file, find the path by looking at what it says the path is on the material tool in GMod.

It’s not in my Material tool, for whatever reason. Driving me insane…

Edit: Nevermind. Found it in shadertest. Thanks.

Thats weird i’m sure mine had it even when I didn’t have any other valve games but GMod :S

I knew it was in mine a long time ago. Maybe it went away with an update?

Its in the Stress test for css.

It’s in all source games, it’s just not implamented into all of them.