Gordon strangeling a Metro Cop with his crowbar.


that facepose is overkill

I like it but try to work on the faceposing next time. :slight_smile:

No, that facepose is adrenaline! :buddy:

Good camera angle, although it could had been slightly more zoomed out. Pose is good

At first glance I thought it was crappy, then I saw the anti-aliasing!

facepose is alright except for his eyelids

For a second I thought he was biting his ear.

Damn right, have it at x8

Faceposing is ridiculous.

This is horribly faceposed. Also, the metrocop is low res, use a custom one.
Damn, try to IMPROVE ! It’s about a billion time we gave you the keys to success, why don’t you follow the tips we give you ?

Haven’t you learned by now that Fear only responds to compliments?

Oh Goddamn You!!!

My Image!!!


Well, it seems Gordon hasn’t changed.

Wow that actually makes Fear’s look even better.

Angry Gordon is Angry.