Gordon's new weapon.

Villainy! Take heed


How do you use a scope on a crowbar?
But anyway it’s funny

Hammerthrow, shotput, javelin! :ninja:

With this crowbar Gordon now can hit your eye in a distance of 300 meters.


Its a sniper rifle scope from fpsbanana

That is correct. Good eyes there:smile:

Too much bloom.

Gordon looks happy :stuck_out_tongue:

You stole this idea.

Gordon’s head looks a bit odd.

Where did he steal it from?

A poster I saw once. Had nothing to do with GMod. Was a real life picture with just a crowbar and a scope. Thought it would apply well to Gordon:smile:

Posing looks bad.


Effective up to 100 Yards!

He probably stole this off my avatar, lool,



I dont know, Im guessing, the trigger is on the scope, so when you push the button on the scope, the whole crowbar blows right off of the scope and hits its target, you have to have more crowbars though in order to kill alot of the badies

I didn’t see you sniper crowbar before I made this pic. I made a pic of my own.
I didn’t steal your avatar http://img252.imageshack.us/img252/3675/snipercrowbaris3.jpg


Blame the model. Got the idea and found a skin fast. But I agree, it do look a bit strange nevertheless.

I think it was this skin I used http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=44952

Why didn’t you use Kathar’s Gordon or Romka’s original version? That reskin sucks.

EDIT: And it looks like he stole his glasses from his grandmother. :barf:

Come to think of it I agree. This skin isn’t any good. But done is done.