Gore-mod (Official release!)

This is the first official release of gore-mod. It’s entierly recoded and fully modable. Modding guide is included.


  • The inflator won’t work on dead bodies.
  • You have to damage the bodies quite hard to get gore (a croosbow bolt should do it)
  • If you got old versions, remove them first.
  • You have to check “keep corpses” in the NPC menu.
  • This is for singleplayer only and won’t work on players (atleast not for now)


  • Limb decapping
  • Blood streams
  • Splatting

It is now toggleable with the console command "goremod_enable" which should be 1 or 0!


Version 1.1 FULL:

Bone showing file MODDING ONLY (sorry 'bout forgetting it) needs to be opened BOTH client-side and server-side:

Have fun:D

For all you guys that wants a multiplayer version

, here is something that you should know. Since there is no EntityTakeDamage hook client-side, I would have to force all the ragdolls server-side, which in turn would be very nasty for the LAG:( So unless anyone can find a solution for this, I’ll keep working on the singleplayer version.


I haven’t tested this in multiplayer, and I don’t think it will work either since it only applies on server-side ragdolls:(
Might make something which forces all ragdolls to be server-side, although it would lag like hell.


I’d love to see people making mods for this. Slight lua knowledge is required though.

Great to see it in an official release! Going to try it now.

Can’t wait to try this out good job, loved the beta.

Sweet! Downloading!

Vunderful. Nice job.

Hell yes! Downloading now!

Fuck yeah! :dance:

This is a huge must have for extra coolness!

Just a quick question. Does this Gib enemies when you shoot them or only when you blow them up with an explosive? Other than that it sounds awesome!

75+ damage to a corpse will gib it.

Nice job anyway how you made a corpse gib without using custom models! Lua king for you!

Very nice! Kinged’.

Hey i noticed that in the lua/autorun folder I found a folder called client as well as server. Does this mean that this mod is client side as well as server side?

The limb decapping can only be done clientside, that’s why there are two folders.

Do grenades make them explode?

You should make a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleaver_(knife) or something for role-playing, so someone could be a mad butcher, imagine being a cop as you and your buddies check out his butcher shop…and find chopped up bodies.

No, but they’ll decap limbs.


That would be a cool feature for npcs when you throw a grenade at them and if they’re close enough it blows off some of their limbs.

Just need to aply some bigger parts for chest and head.