Gore suggestion

I know rust is an imersive game, and for that reason, I really love it. I love the realism, (I KNOW ITS AN ALPHA) and the action, along with the kicked back crafting system. I would love this game tons more if when I kill shot someone, their head explodes into a bloody pulp. Maybe an arm gets flung across the map and blood is trailed behind. I like the aspect of gore. It makes a game more fun, just like in the old, Soldier of Fortune days. Just a minor suggestion. Don’t ban me again for Gods sake, I know for a fact this hasn’t been brought up yet.

I think that would be good , or maybe if you got attacked by a bear and it ripped of your arm you can’t use any two handed guns/items ?

Well that would be just too much, if a bear really ripped off your arm you would probably die from bloodloss or the resulting trauma.

Garry if you add this you’ve got to make it so the penis is able to be shot off.

As long as its not overdone I think it would be great

Hell yes!
Make it like in fallout! :smiley:
Limbs will become detachable when you kill a person.
Everyone who has played fallout 3/NV knows what i’m talking about :smiley:


I mean after the addition of naked men with naked wieners, the rust community is ready for anything that facepunch studios has to offer! So i guess, go for it? :smiley:


But to be honest really though, i would prefer to see advanced blood stains and bullet marks on the body, kind of what GTA V did rather than unrealism and as soon as a bullet hits you your head flies off.

Who said anything about bullets hitting your head? I personally fight with Bow&Arrow and my hatchet. So when i run up to someone with my hatchet i expect to see their limbs fly as i hack without mercy until the point they just :suicide: with fear of me.

I was thinking more like… Their limbs detach only when they die. So if you shoot of their leg they die, same with arm of head ( No shit… ) It can’t be like. Their arm falls off but they are still running around with a pistol in their other hand.

But I woyld love some gruesome gore. Lot’s of bleeding from bullet wounds, even making blood tracks.

What if once the player dies their specific limb that had been damaged will detach.

Let me start by saying I LOVE Soldier of Fortune. While it is really cool in that game, it will not likely work in rust, the engine is too simple (unless someone can prove me wrong, it has happened before.) Even if it were possible, it would feel out of place in a game like Rust. That being said, I wouldn’t say I don’t like the idea, because I do, but if it’s going to be done, it has to be done well.

There are plenty of camp fires laying all around, maybe burn your wounds?


Totally agree with you about the integration being done well, I just think with the way they are going on realism, it should at least have some sort of body alteration when getting shot. When I fall I break my legs, when I get shot a part of my body should render useless or partially useless, and if after I kill someone I want to hack their limbs off and stick them on a post outside my base, I should be able to do that:D It does, however, need to be integrated properly or it wouldn’t work. Thanks for all the positive posts guys!

That would be my other reason to say no, I feel that it should really be only aesthetic, since losing a limb and surviving, you are going to die rather quickly, why would you want to prolong dying time? Even if you survived, it would render you completely useless in survival. Case in point, getting your limbs blown off should be instant death, no questions asked. That being said, a death animation where you get an arm (or other limb) removed then a fountain of blood and your good arm clutching at the wound until falling over dead would be brutal, but satisfying to watch.

Have you been using alcohol lately?

This would be fun lol

That’s just one level below executions. I LOVE IT.

lol the polls show we want more violence!!
I was also thinking wouldn’t be cool to shoot peoples legs and they break?!
and a blood trail when they are bleeding and walking

Well you gotta admit, it would be extremely satisfying to see someone who has raided you to die like that.