Gore/Violence Mod

Im wondering if there is any completely clientside gore mod (the more gore/blood the better)
I couldnt find any :confused:


Use the nifty little search thing. :sigh:

but are they clientside?


Actually, not really. Not sure about GibSplat but the other two certainly aren’t.

But we have the Request subforum for this, you know.

Well, i was just looking for one, not requesting one ^^ yet

There aren’t any clientside goremods out there that I know of, great idea though.

Id really lov eto have it, just made a rewuest in the request thingy :slight_smile:
Hope someone’ll do it…

Some of the dismemberment stuff is based on physics, so that can’t be done clientside. If it was all visuals, then it could be clientside, but it’d be hard to do.

That’s true, but hey I could settle for a decent blood_impact.pcf

A client side gore mod is impossible unless, as blockjuice said, it was only the visuals which would suck.

Dismemberment through impact is possible client-side too, you just have to get more crafty:v:


Wait, I take that back. Dismemberment isn’t possible (atleast not with ragdolled parts) but removal of limbs (like in my original goremod) is very possible.

maybe consider doing it? :smiley:

Aight, I’ll give it a shot.

yay :smiley:

Oh, you :love:

Client-side physics just disappeared:wtc:

Anyways I have decals and limb removal done, gibs and particle effects to go:v:

wait so gibsplat 2 is go again or are you making something different and clientside?

Pastebin it quick so we can benefit from your amazing bloodlust and knowledge!

Patience:v: Physics are back, but now effects fuck up >:(
It’ll be done later tonight.


This is not GibSplat 2, and yes it’s clientside.