Goremod with bones won't work

Hey, I need some help with Goremode with bones. I know how to install addons but this one refuses to work http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=72416 Yes I have keep corpses on, I am getting supcessions and starting to think maybe he just posed what is seen and nothing really happens in game

Did you go into the folder and copy the materials lua ext. into your Garrysmod/garrysmod folder or put the whole thing in your addons?

The whole Goremode in my addons

ya you need to go in and take the stuff out of the goremod folder and place it in your garrysmod folder like the readme said to do. when you go into it there should be 2 folders photos and goremod. go into the goremod folder and take that stuff and put it into your garrysmod folder.

Oh that, I did that too. No luck

ok make sure that it didn’t put the whole folder in your garrysmod folder like it did mine while unzipping lol.

It didn’t, I put the main folder in addons and dropped the materials/models/data/lua etc in the main folder and let it overwrite

ok then i don’t know why it isn’t working lol. To tell you the truth I haven’t tried it yet so let me get back to you in a couple of minutes.

Ok then

No, it was faked by the author.
He just uploaded regular goremod.

Ya I just found that out.

Damn, looked good too

Damn, what a gore mod O_O, it’s a bit scary for me

He faked it good then because look into those data folders and stuff al the things are just like he really not faked it

why do people do this crap? i was looking forward to that.

Honestly its just annoying. But then again if you look at the pics it did look too good to be true >.<

Yeah I guess that’s true.

Don’t waste your time trying to get it to work. It took me quite a while fiddling with it to get NPCs to gib. Even then, it’s just Dismemberment Mod 1.9 with random oversized SMod gib models spurting out when you dismember a limb. i.e. Shoot off a leg, random guts shoot out like an intestine, a spine, or a stomach.

DOH! i was about to ask the same thing! how dare the bastard fake a new goremod!

fag i was loooking forward to that :stuck_out_tongue:


does any one no any other good gore mods??