For the years I’ve had Garry’s Mod, I always felt that something was missing. Could it have been The worlds greatest virtual band, and my personal favorite band, Gorillaz? Now, I know the chances of people making custom models is very slim, but I know Im not the only person out there that would be able to find use for the guys.

So, What I ask for is Murdoc in Clint Eastwood, 2D from either Tomorrow comes today or Clint Eastwood, preferably young noodle, Any Russel, And if possible Boogieman. I dont expect anyone to grant the wish, but Im posting this because there is a small chance.

And now pics.
Preferred 2D http://i457.photobucket.com/albums/qq291/KaoruArika/Blur%20and%20Gorillaz%20related/tct241us.jpg

Preffered Murdoc And Preffered Noodle http://www.schneef.com/gallery/data/media/7/Murdoc_and_Noodle_2.jpg

Any Russel

And, The boogieman http://images.wikia.com/kong/images/e/e5/BoogiemanHill.jpg

I have a feeling this isnt getting views do to people thinking im asking for a gorilla.

I fully suport this. We need more of the greatest band ever!

Makes ya wonder how people could not want this.
Though I dont know anyone who makes ragdolls from scratch.


This would be sweet. personally I’d shoot for Generation 2’s characters. :V

That’s cool too.


you have my support warfang…but its like you said,the chance of custom models is very slim,and most of the time it only happens when someone is paid to do it,or someone who knows how to do it and has time on ther hands wants to do something.

so here are my suggestions:
1.the thread should be named gorillaz:the band
2.start your way off with simple hexed models(everything aint perfect) and work your way up.

other than that you fully truly have my support

this may come in handy…