GOrld- an interactive comic.

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You are Fork, and you presently have no idea where the hell you are or how in the hell you got this massive headache.

What do you do?

Run in random directions looking for something that seems like it could be mildly important some time in the future.

Look out the window too see whats outside

Think about why your parents would name you fork.

You decide to look out the window to see what you can see.


And then you realize that the horizon line is quite strange. You should investigate, and on your way out you’ll have to be sure to look for anything that could come in handy some time in the future. Because one can never have too many potentially-useful items.

You go to turn, and are greeted by a rather odd and slightly startling sight.



Needless to say, it weirds you the fuck out.


The whole situation suddenly causes you to have the realization that your parents named you Fork. How silly, you think. You’ll have to not forget to ask them why on earth they would do such a silly thing. Those sillies.

What do you do?

Rape the smiley face statue.

Talk to the smiley & the split second it talks back hit it so hard that it splits.
If it does not talk, investigate wether it would be a coockie, if so, eat it!

Ask it politely to move the fuck out of the way while you stare at the horizon.

draw a mustache on the smily face

Ask the smiley face if it will be friends with you.

You ask the smiley-face-man-thing if it will be friends with you.


In a manner that in no way surprises you that much, he says nothing. Only floats backwards a bit, seemingly to get away from you.


Alas, the smily-face-man-thing is too slow for you, and you punch him in the face for being so rude.


And then you are suddenly outside.


What an ass. You vow to find a marker and draw a silly mustache on him.


Brush your teeth. Look how yellow they are!

Pull a Molotov Cocktail out of your coat and throw it through his window. Bitch is gonna burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn

Disguise yourself as a pizza delivery boy to gain access to the front door.

Use your psychic powers to draw a mustache on him from outside.

Sneak in from the roof.

Looks rather green to me, but i guess that’s even more reason to brush 'em.

Anyway, search the house for any reasons you are there and/or why your parents called you Fork. And if you happen to pass a marker…

Sorry I haven’t updated, I intend on doing so tonight. I’ve got some real-world shit going on.

make another, maybe female, version of that wooden thingy.
Apply it to your waist. and try to talk to that DAMN COOCKIE!

Climb to the bottom window, smash it open, then go and wipe that shit eating grin of it’s face.