Got a 20 slot server, what should I use it for?

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So I got a 20 slot Garry’s Mod server. What gamemode do I use? Its running sandbox with wire, stacker, weight, and all that jazz right now. If anyone cares to join the IP is
Honestly I would prefer if no one says TTT or Fretta or anything.

Be original, try something different other than darkrp/sandbox/TTT

I would keep it as is right now because sandbox is a awesome gamemode.

I think you should just host the gamemode you enjoy the most, it’s easier to administrate a gamemode you are really commited to.

You can host Different Gamemode:

Dog Fighter
Minigames(A lot of small gamemodes)
Zombie Survival
Gmod Parkour
Pirate Ship Wars
Go Fish
Prop Hunt
and more …

And not all the gamemode its free.

Radioactive Sandbox.

Make a DarkRP that’s custom with wiremod, custom jobs, custom weapons with CSS Realistic Weapons!

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But seriously, try out Radioactive Sandbox

Sledbuild or Go Fish.

No one plays those

Radioactive Sandbox.

Pirate Ship Wars or Flood Wars have my vote.


I’m running it, works great. Be sure to install custom fretta gamemodes as well!

Same thing could be said for the other gamemodes.