Got a couple of questions for modelling some original stuff.

Hey, I’ve been very reluctant to make a post asking for answers because I really don’t want to upset everyone with potentially repetitive questions, but trust me when I say I’m totally lost as to how to do a ton of things. I’ve done quite a bit of searching too, so I’m not trying to dupe you guys or trying to be lazy.

I’ve been viewing some scattered tutorials to get what I want done, and I got somewhat “far” with my last model - I got just up to compiling and I realized I did certain things wrong. So, I’m starting over with a new model.


The questions I have are in regards to a few things:

  1. What is the best way to do UV Mapping for standard non-human props? I look everywhere and I see so many different approaches to UV Mapping - most of which use plugins for 3DSMax. I’ve tried some free plugins and the built-in UV mapping, but I’m not sure what is suggested for a prop like this or pretty much any situation. (I’m kind of afraid to side with plugins or methods on my own, so I’m totally up for your opinion!)

  2. I’ve done UV Mapping for a bottle before and I got it to work, but then I realized I needed LOD’s, and after doing so the textures warped terribly on the lower-quality models. So far, I’ve read, “if you do LOD’s properly your texture should appear just fine” but that comment floated around the Modelling Pimpage thread with hardly any clarification as to what is deemed proper, and I’m unsure if I’m just using the Reduce option of 3DSMax correctly. (I did follow a couple tutorials though.)

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Again I sincerely apologize if this post is a bit annoying.