Got a crash that resulted in a generated report. How do I submit this?

Experimental client crashed on me today during a raid on someone’s house, I must have killed that insta-respawning bastage who lived there 50 times before it crashed.

It froze up my system but left this message on the desktop saying it had created a crash dump:

Where do I submit this crash information? (it was annoying as hell and I want to submit to help it get fixed)

I had the same error after reconnecting to a server I was playing on. Suddenly I was dead (yet I saw myself geared up sleeping in my bag) and now I can’t respawn at my sleeping bag anymore, everytime I try it crashes with that error message.

a lot of people having this issue

Got the same problem along with the crash dumps. Not sure if it’s right but I sent in a new ticket on the support page with the files in a zip:

Thanks for the help, got it submitted =)