Got a lua virus and dont know what to do

i was gonna play and i went into single player and immediately it put NSFW onto my screen. I went to a old preset and it still popped up. I don’t know what to do

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An addon creator has either been hacked or is having a mental breakdown right now.

The Glue library and any addons that require it are causing the NSFW pop - ups.

This steam discussion goes into more detail: [PSA]: NSFL loud scream popup is being caused due to a stolen account with popular addons [GLue, view extension, between others] :: Garry's Mod General Discussion


Thank you so much

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was it a picture of a butt? that’s recently been happening


ah, just uninstall the stuff. tell servers that use it to stop.

was the creator hacked or did he have a mental breakdown

cuz greg said its one of those two

he got banned and decided to ruin his entire reputation

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Hi Janu
A Lua virus will only affect the functionality of a Roblox place and severely corrupt the progress in it. Viruses can be found in Free Model items, intentionally placed in places by potentially malicious creators while editing the place, or inserted into places by Roblox Studio plugins. For more info also see Got a lua virus and dont know what to dogosloto

This isnt the Roblox forum but you are still technically correct i guess