Got a New Gmod Server. Have Questions. Help Appreciated!

Ok so I got a new Gmod server and I decided that an Admin mod is first to be installed. I have no knowledge of Gmod hosting as I’ve only hosted Tf2 servers before so I know nothing. I can’t decide If I should use ULX, Assmod, or NewAdmin, or some thing completely different.

Your inputs would be apreciated.

The server is a Team Build and Kill server, where you team up with others to build bases and kill others. So i’ll be needing some weapons and whatnot too. I also discovered that by default, you can’t kill others on my server, where do I find the file to change this.

I’ll be installing PHX and wire to further on.



There’s a ton of stuff here that you might want to look at (including admin mod stuff): ULX is a very popular admin mod that is probably the most-used.

To allow people to damage each other, you’ll have to set sbox_godmode to 0 and sbox_plpldamage to 1.

Alright thanks, i’ll post back here if I have any more questions.


go mode and plpldamage were already at 0 and 1 by default. When I join the server i cannot kill my self unless its from a prop. Is this normal?


Godmode and Plpl Damage were 0 and 1 by default. I went into the server and I can’t kill myself unless its from a prop. Is this normal?

No! This is a mistake that many people make. I know this sounds weird but sbox_plpldamage should be 0 not 1.

Alright that worked, thankyou. And if any of you could clarify. What does the limited physgun cvar do? I was playing with a friend to test the server out and he could move my stuff. Does this prevent that?

hum for me, it says that sbox_plpldamage is an unknown command… any help ?

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Install Falco’s Prop Protection.

Create a file in your servers /garrysmod/lua/autorun/server/workshop.lua.

Add your addon files the the server files.

Follow this guide:

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Add me on Steam here and I will be more than happy to help with setting up a server, Trouble in Terrorist Town, fastDL, and some questions.