Got a real bad problem which I can't fix..

I installed this >

Gods little finger swep, it basically detroys stuff…

I re-coded it so that I could use it as an admin weapon for my trouble in terrorist town server… I put it as an awp view model. Now everytime I pick up an AWP, even in other servers, the damn thing is that gods little finger, the hand comes up with the bullet… I have no idea how to fix this, I deleted the game and reinstalled it… guess what? the game came back with everything that it had when I deleted it!!! Im trying to wipe gmod clean so that I can have fresh start… I just deleleted some folders within GMOD as thats supposed to work but I dont know what to do :frowning:

EDIT: GREAT!!! Now when I reinstalled it agian, it doesnt have my models folder and everything :S how do I completely uninstall gmod and reinstall it without it saving anything over.

It overrides the AWP model, you need to re-extract the weapon models from CS:S. At least that is how I fixed it.

Thank you it worked