Got back into rust

Tried to play it again and didn’t really enjoy it. It feels really imbalanced?

Anybody else feel this way?

The current version doesn’t really have balance as a feature at all. It’s a thing on the to-do list.

Yes, it’s hard on servers with no wipes, large groups of people get bored. I play alone, and people on the server know. Two months ago I stopped playing after one week on a german server. Two people tried to ambush me, I got away with 4 health. Later two people raided me, I woke up in my base and heard footsteps inside, I killed both with no health loss. Then they came with 6 people, blew into all 20 rooms and shot me and all the storage boxes, they used hundreds of rounds. They said it was because I killed one of their guys once.

I was like “very mature 6 vs 1” and they were like “cry me a river” the server was going empty and in the chat they said they wondered why… Well, that’s how you get the server empty.

It was fun though, but every time I join a server it’s the same, it always lasts like one week and some big group starts raping you, it gets boring. I enjoyed the older versions of rust, before steam release, it felt more balanced,

Balancing is like the last step before release. It’s not something you do in alpha.

400 hours in and i still enjoy the game, basically the only thing keeping me in is raiding especially people who brag in chat and lose hours and hours work at my hands, its a very special feeling, heh. I dont enjoy raiders who brag about raiding and get angry when they are raided.

I dunno it just feels like everyone has the guns and just goes postal on everyone else

Everyone’s minmaxed so it’s deathmatch time. At least it’ll all be fixed in the next update.

Pretty much what elix says; most players know how to gear up fast, and the current map doesn’t change so everybody knows where to farm. The end game comes REALLY fast (was kinda short to begin with, because it’s an alpha), and pretty soon it’s just fighting everywhere.