Got ban(can i be manually checked)

Today i started rust and found out what im got banned.Can you guys manually check my account I played like 2k hours, i didnt change my nicknames like hacker do, mb i really good with bolt(Can easly make hit on maximum range where you can spot people), but its not a reason for banning me. Yesterday i was raiding cave and saw anti-hack massenges bc cave bugged and to shot rocket i was forced to stay in melee range otherwise its deal no damage. I died alot of times to finish it. I saw those anti-hack messenges alot of times while i was playing like stucking in hatch or got kicked while jumping(violation kicks) or then you hitting wall for some range and gives you anti hack messange too but its not a hack.Please check me.

Seems legit. Your profile is private, and you appeared on Rust Hack Reports. Good luck, FP enjoyed your money.

Recently im sure there as been a couple of false positives to do with camping on roofs with a scoped sniper rifle so you may be a victim just wait to find out

any news?

I think you should write to them on their page section contacts

I don’t even see a ban on his account.

No ban on the account. Might be a server ban and not EAC.

op, what is the message you get when you try to join a server? exact words please:)

i guess not private anymore 11 years account 1630 hours rust 3250h dota2 :stuck_out_tongue:

however time does not say shit about if the player cheated or not. Only the EAC gods can decide his faith since they are making the rules.

Everyone is still missing the fact there’s no game ban on the account. This isn’t an EAC ban. Likely the OP was banned from the server by an admin or some plugin for whatever reason.

This isn’t something FP or EAC can do anything about. This has to taken up with the server’s owner.

I got unbanned, yet not on all facepunch servers. I heard they accused me for no clipping. So people, be careful when you will be raiding cave bases (or when you will be getting antihack messages). Try to record it and have proves about not cheating.