Got ban for a stupid reason?

Ok first thing first, my other forum ACCOUNT just got BAN without any warning.

I was just curious asking about the Austrialia server izzit down for maintenance or being DDOS THAT ALL. I even said if i post this in the wrong section do move it to the correct section If i posted in the wrong section since I am totally new to the forum.

Seriosuly the mod in this forum suck they didn’t even warn me about posting in the wrong section and just gave me a ban.

Are the mod hired really professional?
Because I been to most of the forum in my life even if I posted in the wrong section the mod/owner of the forum will move it to the wrong section and told me about it in the thread that I posted.

I bought this game and to play for bugs and register in this forum to report for bugs and stuff like that or even ask question regarding anything that I don’t know and you just ban me in the forum?

(User was permabanned for this post ("use the refugee camp, this has nothing to do with rust" - postal))

I think creating another account when your first one was banned can get you permanently banned. I’d delete this post if I were you.

Welcome to Facepunch, if you can’t read the rules and get mad when punished for not reading them quit while you’re ahead.

Relax. Saying they suck doesn’t really help you.
It’s just a one/two day ban, nothing serious.

Also, if I’d be a mod here, I’d probably ban you for it.
People keep posting on wrong forums every day, it gets annoying and people should learn to actually look around before posting.

Well I don’t care anymore and to be honest I’m not even mad at it.

For me it just an unreasonable ban.

If you want to Permanently ban me just go ahead I’m not coming back to this forum anymore.

Good night then.

I remember getting banned for not agreeing that a certain game was better than another game on this forum.

breaking the rules or not the mods can ban you without reason. So at least be glad they had a reason when they banned you.

Facepunch has had strict bans since the very beginning. It’s to encourage people to shitpost less and actually read the rules and lurk before posting. Its only a couple days, just wait it out.

By the way, if you have questions about a ban, you should do it in the Refugee Camp from your banned account, don’t create alts.

I’m pretty sure you got banned because of the means you expressed your opinion with, not your opinion itself.

Edit :

I checked, you were banned for posting an image macro. Read the rules next time.

The mods of this forum are being WAY too harsh, posting a thread in the wrong section is not an offense that should be answered with a ban.

Waffle cones is correct, Facepunch has always been very strict with their bans. Near every section of Facepunch is like this. Read the rules and you should be fine.

yes it does, people should lurk before posting. Once a player gets banned they learn to not do it again.

A ban isn’t even a ‘ban’. There is a limit on the kind of ban. People should really learn to read that just because the account is listed as banned doesn’t mean its permanent

If anything, a ban 99.9% of the time is a slap on the wrist to get people off the keyboard and use their eyes to read.

Yeah, i’m a mod for an emulator of WarZ (Infestation: Survivor Stories) called DeadZ. The staff there don’t ban on things like that though. We just content ban them for a few hours if they do it more then 2-3 times. Not on the 1st time though…

buhu , don’t post shit and u won’t get banned because we want only pro players so stfu

Postal i summon you!

Fascinating, what does that have to do with anything?

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You’re just as bad as him now, you are aware right?

A. I have never gotten banned off of these forums.
B. Your comment makes no sense.
C. Looking at both of our messages, if postal were to ban one of us it would be you.

Lol if postal made that his profile picture, it would literally be the best thing ever.

this feels like an abused children meeting, everyone brainwashed into thinking its normal because it happened to them. customarily mods will move a thread to the correct location or maybe lock an inappropriate one, not autoban everyone who makes a mistake. let it be known by a neutral third party that what happens here is not normal or correct, even if by hitlerian laws they technically have the right to murder your family if you sneeze in their direction.

A. you have five posts :v:
B. Your comment makes about as much sense.
C. I am probably gonna be banned too :v: