Got banned 32 minutes after buying game

Yesterday bought rust on new acc, after more than year i was not playing vgames, n i forget my old steam acc n email. Now created new acc, bought csgo, rust. All okay on cs. But rust, was just testing new graphics/recoil, n getting banned after 32 minutes off playing??? Really? We have poor people out there too, imagine, kid works on summer to buy 40$ game on steam, n getting banned really for nothing. N don’t start these talks about EAC bans only for scripts/cheats, full lie, how many youtubers/twitch streamers getting banned LIVE, but they getting unbanned immediately.

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Kinda rude, pear1 here just needs technical support.

I believe you can still refund the game with no contest if you played a game for less than 2 hours, but if you did, “I was banned from playing for false reasons” should still do it, that is if you really need that money, I recall Rust bans being only from official servers, so you can still play Rust if you want to.

Maybe your computer is hardware banned? Are you sure you’ve never cheated on Rust? Or any other game that uses EAC?

Never, how i heard normal rust cheat price is 100$+ per week. Sorry can’t affort to spend that to be happy for 10 mins.

N btw, only next morning i realised i got banned on my main account too, at the same time…

N facepunch have worst support ever. Even steam is better. So i guess ill never get unbanned. N about refound don’t have any news

I hope you can get a refund, but yes, Rust bans are famously irreversible and handed out very regularly.

You’ve really found some shitty money hungry cheats, if you’ve only found for 100$ but at the same time, that’s a good thing, as that just means less people would cheat, cause frankly I see too many.

Jack… please… show some sympathy, he is a Rust player just like you.

I am showing empathy lol, I aint giving him shit, I am simply stating the fact if he found cheats for 100$ he’s found some quite money hungry people, and then I stated that I am happy that it’s like that, so there’s less cheaters lmfao. About him being banned Idk what he did etc, surely he must’ve done something, but honestly it’s not first time I’ve heard someone being banned, from actually doing NOTHING.

Jack… a moment of silence please… for our fallen brethren…

I swear, Imma smack you across the room, reach through my PC and give you a proper bitch slap.

:no_mouth: thats… not so great to wakeup to

Jack its time to take your meds