Got Banned after just buying the game?

I just bought the game for Christmas, and I was trying to join a community server with one of my friends on it, and after a little while of loading in, I was kicked back to the game menu, with an error saying “steam auth: game banned.” I just bought the game, so I have no clue how I could’ve done anything to get banned already, i was only trying to load into a community server to play with one of my friends. I have no clue why I got banned, and I don’t think I deserve this. I already submitted an appeal to EAC to remove the ban, but i have no clue what to do. Any Help will be appreciated

If you lost interest because of this, you can always get an instant refund if you played less than 2 hours.

If you played more, you’ll have to give a reason, but I am sure “I was banned as soon as I opened the game” is a good one.

I’m saying this because Rust is pretty infamous for ignoring ban appeals and giving out harsh permanent bans for very little.

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