Got banned Because mine game was doing random things

just bought the game i was searching for some stuff and The game crashes and i Do crazy stuff i was under the map for a second like those weird random things happend but i cant do anything about it and now mine account is banned. can u guys maybe help :(?

sorry for mine bad english X_X

choukri you know that u need to tell them the name of the acc and they will see if its urs or something and if it is theyll ask you for email and such

I highly doubt you were banned because of that, you may not even be banned at all. Try logging in from another browser or deleting your cookies for the RUST website.

It is a known issue and a bug, please do a search next time as you would have had the solution and odds are would not have had to post.

Still banned.

Try different browser, also clear cache and cookies on the browser your using …and if all that fails you try a computer reboot? :slight_smile:

Try joining another server then your main server too.

i tried everything still banned :frowning:


maybe your account got hacked and somone used cheats on it :stuck_out_tongue:

please don’t bump, they’ll get to you when can.

What type of browser are you using?

i tried all diff browsers

Are you able to log out of your account?

What u mean? when i got banned i restarted mine pc tried to login but i had ban

Sorry no idea why your banned …hope you get it all sorted.

Sharia can u ask some body who can give me a new key to play the game ;(

Maybe you can file a ticket with garry to see if you were actually banned for being bad, or if it’s just a technical problem, instead of begging users for accounts.

i didnt mean to beg.

I don’t want to sound like an arse, but did you miss the key sticky?