Got banned by ScriptEnforcer on my own server, how do I unban myself?

Title says it all. Got banned for “SE MD5 Failed.” and so has my friend. I have no idea why this happened (maybe because I edited server-side files to fix a bug while ScriptEnforcer was turned on?). I looked in banned_user.cfg and I can’t find his/mine SteamIDs there. How do I unban myself and my friend from my own server?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. No I do not use hacks of any kind. Why would I download hacks and turn on ScriptEnforcer on my own server?

Update: I have resolved the issue. Unbanned myself. Turns out that I got banned because I fixed a bug in my gamemode that involved sending a file to a client on the server while SE was on.

Do you know which mod did it? If you have Windows 7 (idk if other versions do this) then run a search with this exact syntax:

contents: “steam id here”

It will light up blue when you paste it in.

This will check every file and find any text relating to your steam ID.