Got banned for no reason

I was playing on Rusty Days which is an Australian/New Zealand server. It was a pvp one so you spawn with guns and stuff.
I was getting plenty of kills because I am quite good at the game, because I have played it for quite some time and are good at other fps games.
I just killed someone and I get kicked. I try and re join and it won’t let me. It says VAC Banned.
I then went to go play on another server. It says the same thing. Am I banned from every server for doing nothing wrong, I was just playing the game.
I wasn’t using hacks, wasn’t aimbotting or anything. Why was I banned. I am really pissed off about this and I demand to know. I want to be unbanned as soon as possible.
This has just ruined my day, please someone look at this who is able to unban me from rust.

  1. Give link to your steam profile
  2. Maybe you should realize that you are cheater
  3. Hmmm…maybe cheats?
  4. Hmm… cheats… yeap…
  5. Ehem…

But I wasn’t cheating. I was playing the game legit…

Facepunch has no authority with regards to VAC. You have to get in contact with Steam Support if you wish to dispute a VAC ban. Sorry to say, but unless it turns out to be an actual problem on their behalf, odds are Valve will not lift your ban. They also will not divulge the exact cause of the ban either.

Also, be prepared to be ridiculed. People come here on a regular basis expecting their VAC ban to be overturned. Not a single one of the were successful in getting a VAC ban on Rust overturned as in the end them and their “undetectable” hacks weren’t such hot shit.

That’s so shit, because I have never hacked or cheated in a game before.

I have seen that line said too many times.

Prove VAC wrong.

Contact Steam support if you have an issue with VAC. Facepunch can’t help you with Valve Anti-Cheat.

Prove to me that VAC wasn’t wrong.

We don’t have to, we aren’t the ones banned

The HUNDREDS of other people who have claimed VAC banned them for much more bizarre circumstances than you but in the end were found to be lying all along is decent proof, no?

Just for the record, VAC can kick in for stuff that isn’t “malicious”. Like, if you ran something to add a map overlay.

EDIT: Examples of “bizarre” circumstances include someone speed and fly hacking trying to claim VAC went off due to admin teleport, or the person using a no clip hack trying claim their VAC ban for no clipping was due to a stone node respawning on them.

I can see the email you’re using and it goes back to you providing cheats for games.

Let me spell it out.

Nobody on this forum can help you. At all.

There are only two groups of people on the planet who can reverse your VAC ban, and both of them work at Valve. They are the Steam Support team, and the VAC team itself.

File a Steam Support ticket and plead your innocence.

If you do get unbanned, come back here and post the screenshot (with personal info redacted) here, because you’ll be the first to prove that false positives really are happening.

I really do want to see you post the screenshot if that happens, because it’ll be the first time I’ve seen one of these sob stories turn out to actually be a mistake on Valve’s part. And I’ve seen this hundreds of times.

You may not have been cheating at the time you were banned but you probably did at some point recently that VAC detected and just kicked in. VAC doesn’t ban on the spot. :slight_smile:

I love this. Why on earth would you need proof? you already know what you did.

Honestly what would be the point in showing you the proof? You’d just deny it anyway.

Asking for proof is practically an admission of guilt, but i guess cheats aren’t the sharpest tools in the box.

LOL you must be very, very, very good at fps games to get a hardware based ban “without cheating”.

Did a little research to find out his steam ID if someone’s interested:

Quote from User “Daeice” on

User vitalblindfury has an mpgh-account but wasn’t active since 2011.

banned this guy the other night on my server. He’s hax as.

Why is Daeice not answering anymore? Since the post from the moderator, he is strangely silent…


Offline for 3 hours

Stop picking on this guy he is just really good and he was banned for being great. Or was it that his programmer had really good aim I can’t remember?

It’s funny because I think people like him actually think they are good and better than other players when they are not even playing the same game.