Got banned for no reason.

I was raiding a small building near our base with my friend on London 1.

And after i killed a guy down at the ground and was looting him. i got Kicked & Banned.
Dont get any reason why.

What the hell?

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Is there any more direct way to send a message to the Official server admins? Who are responsible for the bans?

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I guess it was the admin MP9 who banned me.
Trying to send a message on steam but getting ignored.
This is killing me… over 1 hour not even able to play…

If it was an official server and you got something called a VAC ban then better buy Rust again because you have been caught

Not VAC banned. and did not use any hacks. Dosent mather what i tell you, you wont trust me. But i managed to get help from one user that sent the message to the admin and i think he was going to look into it.

There are other servers out there…

Why whould i wanna leave my friends to join some other speaking language?
And when i have dont NOTHING. If the admin really said what i got sent to he said he found me in the air! I WAS JUMPING FROM A TOWER! This is getting frustrating

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Banned for jumping.
Getting ignored/Blocked from admins trying to get a hold of them.
I got no words.
The admin banner supposed he said he found me in the air. He refuses to talk to me directly.
If i was just able to speak to someone DIRECTLY they would understand that its all an mistake.
Please respond…

the official servers have no admins (other than the devs) as far as i know; is london 1 even an official server? and if it’s not a VAC ban, it just comes down to the people running the server. keep at it, but if they banned you there isn’t really anything you can do other than move on, or ask them to reconsider.

try not to be a demanding prick to them though, doesn’t tend to help anything.

there is admins on official server, on amsteram3 2-3 days ago helped us fixied out bugged wall.

Maybe they’ve responded to calls to deal with the hackers & are doing some admin house cleaning & throwing the trash out.

Let’s hope

Admin probably got butthurt and banned you, it’s not unusual.

yep he sent back the russian to moscow server :smiley: