Got Banned For Rockbasses

so i play on server and had house in rock today some dev join and destroy my rock base and everything his name Buck Sexington steam profile picture of the ban for waht he ban my? the devs need to fix it its not my problem taht my house in rock
i want unban frome the server facepunch moscow 7

Do you read the Server descripton when you join a server???
Using exploits is not allowed and when you break the rules you get banned

looks like it just became your problem.

rock bases have been a bannable offence on official servers for ages now. get over it.

LOL - did your base just “accidentally” get built in a rock?

I want a beer. Guess which one of us is going to get it first?

will you grab me one too? i’m looking forward to the replies from here:)

First world problems. :wink:

ah yes this thread again.

lol so dumb its unreal …this idiot is the kind of player other players as to put up with

I wish Buck Sexington would come to facepunch salt like small one. Hackers everywhere.
A hour in here and they are flying and shit lol

No unban for you