got banned from the server i always play but got no idea how to hack

how do i get unbanned, i enjoyed playing this server and like i said in the title i have no clue on hacking i play on a mac anyways so i dont think you can and yeah just want to be back on the server i enjoy any ideas thanks

Depends if you know the origin of the server. If not just play on another.

If the server admin banned you, the only way you’re getting unbanned is by convincing them otherwise. If you don’t know how to contact the server admin, play somewhere else.

ahhk thanks guys, yeah i will try and get my friends to talk to them when they get on i guess. is there a way checking whos server it is then contacting them?

Probably not, you could try searching through the server subforum to see if they have a server thread. That would be a good place to appeal your ban if you can find the right thread.

yeah sweet ill give that ago thanks , really annoining cause i enjoyed the mods on that server and it was only a fresh wipe and yeah want to play that one lol and have no fukn clue on hackin

As a general tip in life, if you weren’t cheating then don’t even bring it up. You keep defending against it when no one said anything and quite frankly it makes you look more guilty.

Besides, if you were cheating then this would be about a VAC ban and this thread would be going a totally different direction. :zoid:

yeah but isnt that what they ban people for? i dont get it like what have i done but anyways thanks for the tip i see your point i will have a different approach in the future…i just want to be back playing that server

They can ban you for whatever they please, as they own the server. Doesn’t make it right, but that is the way of the world sometimes. Talk to the admin, if he won’t let you back in, then find somewhere new to play, that’s all. There’s over a thousand other servers to pick from.

ahhk then no worries well hopefully i can sort it out if not ill just find a new one like you said

ended up being admin abuse banned heaps of people apperently for no reason stuffed the server up

I completely understand wanting to get back onto the specific server which has the configuration you want. The ‘more than a thousand other servers’ are mostly poorly managed or basically on defaults, which makes jonnymad’s comment not very useful, however technically accurate he may be.

My suggestion would be this, if you’re unable to get friends to find the admin on the server itself:

Try to connect to the server, then press F1. This will show you a small log which includes a ‘net.connect’ command which fired when you double-clicked on that server. Copy that down (the full net.connect, and google it - chances are, the server admin has posted ads or promotional threads for his server (possibly even on these forums!), and included that information. Then, you can attempt to send him a message through whatever forum or service it’s on, or do another search on his username to see if you can track down an email address or other contact by which you can get in touch with him.

Hope that helps, and good luck! :slight_smile:

Edit: You can also get a friend to try the /staff command on the server, there’s a small chance they have that mod installed which will give a list. Also /rules may include info on admin/staff usernames.

I was banned yesterday for about an hour. I was the only one on the server. I can only guess it was because of my high ping. Was lag disconnected a few times then was banned.

all good now but thanks guys, yeah apperently certain admins just banned heaps of people for no reason and other admins as well but everything is back now so all good thanks