Got Banned No reason

Hello, i just bought a copy of rust and i was playing with my father and uncle and i just got banned please help, why did i get banned?

Post steam profile

Your dad reported you for hacking. He said no son of his was going to be a dirty cheater. He also mentioned something about being disappointed and ashamed.

Your family sounds shitty if you all cheat so much.

Are you VAC-banned or just banned from the server you were playing on? If the former, we can’t help. If the latter, we can’t help. If you were cheatpunched, please PLEASE post your steamID64 in this thread so we can have a hearthy chuckle at garry’s reply. If you don’t know your steamID64, go here to find it. Copy/paste the steamID64 box after you search for your Steam username.

I wasn’t aware that cheating was now considered “No reason”. Thank you for that clarification.