Got banned off of toybox for comment spamming...

When I only posted like 3 or 4 comments. On different items.
It’s a 6 day ban.
Not fair.

Be thankful it’s not a perma ban, they’re very strict when it comes to spammers, retards, ETC.

If I were you I’d not bother complaining.

Wait. You can get banned for commenting a lot? What happens if they are good comments? I’ve done nothing but offer criticism and praise. Guess I should stop for a bit then.

It’s because you make shit comments.

Can we see the comments you posted.

It’s completely fair. You spammed, and you’ve been punished for it.
[sp]Also, you may want you change your avatar. Facepunch isn’t fond of people who play that game. I would know.[/sp]

I count “first comment” as spamming.

/facepalm Garry…

And thus the truth was revealed.

Oh you!

That’s not facepalmable. Banning for “first comments” is actually pretty awesome.

Well I guess that doesn’t matter either way since this thread is from October. :downs:

[sp] lol i found this out now. Cool! [/sp] Anyways i dont believe garry posted on here i mean JESUS why would he bother?

He would reply because he made ToyBox, why wouldn’t he bother? He’s the only moderator here (besides Gwuilty), so he’s really the only one to tell anyone about moderation on ToyBox. Garry did reply here.

Yeah, YOU. Vs. the 1000 others (not including me) who don’t…

It’s completely idiotic.

How aren’t you buried under cardboard yet.

Please explain how

is in any way helpful to the creator.

I’m maed of cardboard so i can’t be buried wit it

Oh my god why do you exist

fuck yeah ROBLOX