Got banned

Hello rust stuff, Ive allready posted a thread about that i got banned for furnace bug but admin said ive cheated… I swear i didnt cheated.
Lets think logistic
Why i need to cheat in a game that i bought for 20$???
And why i need to buy cheats for 20$ like the moderator/admin whoever it was said???
U think because i want to kill everyone and e.t.c but i enjoyed the game with my friends without any hacks! Why i need to hack and get banned??? We all know that if u cheat. U will get banned. Maybe not now but as soon as possible
And i know that if u cheat u 100% get banned so why i need to cheat?
This game is the best survival game ive met. I dont like DayZ or any other.
Like ive said i enjoyed the game with friends… I dont wanna use hacks get banned and then my friends would be mad at me.
Please unban me… I swear i didnt use any kinds of hacks!
I know your EAC says different… But every programm have bugs. Even google.
Please :confused:
I really love this game…
And if i do care to get unbanned it says so.

Sorry for bad english

(User was permabanned for this post ("" - Holmzy))

76561198069493843 is banned for a definite cheat detection, no furnaces were involved.

But how is it possible? I dont have any hacks!
And as far as i know there is not hacks for rust experimental… And lets hope there wont be

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