Got Game Banned without reason!

Today I got Game Banned on RUST and dont know why. I never used any kind of cheat/hack in any game!

Please unBan me! Or at least tell me why this happened!?


(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

Post your steam account info and wait for EAC.

This is my steam ID:


If any other data is needed just ask.

Well, you definitely show up on the official Rust hack report twitter, so I don’t think it was for no reason like your title implies. Regardless, you’ll just have to wait for someone from EAC to pop in and say whether or not the ban is valid.

OMG I just need to know why… this is so unfair. They HAVE to take that back…

Unfair for the other players forced to play alongside cheaters? I agree. And to think they try to come on the facepunch forums after they get caught and play innocent. Talk about insulting!

I hate to play alongside cheaters too… so please hold back comments like that until EAC gives me an answer.

Well, it comes down to one of two situations. Either A) you did play with cheats and are trying to do what many other people try to do by claiming innocence in the situation in your ban appeal, or B) you legitimately didn’t cheat, but have been sharing your Steam library with someone else via Family Share and they chose to use cheats that ended up being detected. Very rarely are the bans placed by EAC actually false, and it’s not very common for them to lift the bans unless they’ve been found to legitimately be false. Either way, you’ll just have to wait until someone from EAC responds.

Funny thing is that i saw this guy base camping all day and taking down the heli in mins all head shots now i have the best laugh :smiley:

I Did not take down any Heli. And im from Argentina… so its impossible to me to play with you.

looks like this wasn’t your first time getting a steam account banned either lol

anyways you’ll just have to wait for an EAC rep to come by and confirm it

I do find these 'why did i get banned ’ & ‘Got banned for no reason’ posts very entertaining :slight_smile:

Only reason I visit this subforum.

Today i recieved a mail from EAC with only the link of their FAQ. Nothing more.

I just need 1 of 2 things. The unBan of My account, or simply an axplanation. So I can move on.

You’ll have to wait for an eac staff member to post.

Could be in an hour, could be in a week. You can only wait.

You have cheated, or someone else via family share or, some sorta cheat you used for an single player game injected into rust.

I don’t even own a Rust copy but I enjoy these “unfair EAC ban” threads.

seems like that is your explanation.

Same. They are so good, literally every single guy gets found to have alternate VAC bans account, or the most recent one where the guy says he runs his paid AA cheat loader but doesnt use it on rust so he he should be unbanned.

You would think they would just accept they got busted and buy a new account, or if they are too poor to buy a new copy, don’t cheat in first place. lol.

These posts give me the will to keep playing after seeing hackers ruin things for me and others in game. Love it.

there was a user yesterday that rock glitched and got banned from officias and know he wants a second chance because everyone else did that too.