Got into GMod Tower

Just so you know. I got into GMod tower yesterday! Though, it was bad. Missing textures, ERRORs, etc…
But it was cool. Yes, it was the server with gmt_build002

If you do not have HL2: Ep.2 and CSS unlike most of us who do, then the game will not work and you must gtfo of a nice good server slot, UNLESS, you are just like half of us who claim to have ep2 and cs and just jump around doing crap. Like me. :smug:

Oh, I DO have CS:S.

What about EP2?

Nope. I want it really bad, though. Anyone knows someone who has ripped EP2?

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Quick, edit that last part out

Edit: Too late

so? I got into gmod tower 7 days in a row when it was ALLWAYS full.

GMT’s easy to get into now, too bad it’s full of:


If you search anything porn related or whatever it says “You naughty dog”

Shame he was so young

Sorry for not knowing, but what is GMod Tower? :v:

Uhm, dosent gmod have like 30 people on all the time now days? :v:

Basically a lounge system, you join the server and can rent a suite, which is dynamically updated with any rewards of objects you may have bought. Novelty wears off quickly here. But you can also go to a theatre and watch YouTube videos, problem is everyone in there asks for really shit videos. If none of that takes your fancy there are a few gamemodes that you can jump into which earn you more money to buy accessories with, or some flash games which don’t do much really.

I am back, just so you know. And ThisIsMyUsername, the gamemodes are varying, but there’s PVP, Ball Racer, it’s something where you push a ball and you need to get down in the hole at the end of the level, then there’s puzzles, and a lot of things.

Thanks. Although why does it seem like some sort of achievement to get into it? :v:

I actually don’t know. Because it’s awesome? And it has a HUGE YouTube theater. And medals? Oh, and in-game flash games. NO OTHER SERVER HAS THAT!

It was near impossible to get into at first, the server was always full and the slots they used for funneling people going from gamemode to gamemode didn’t really help lower the crowd.

Late, it’s piss easy to get into Gmod Tower now.
Also get the content packs. That’s what the errors are and it’s not the gamemode’s fault you didn’t research.

Content Packs? Oh, I got them my friend. I think I did…
Can anyone give me a link?
Or else my head will explode like this Psyduck

I don’t understand… when I went into a gmod tower server is showed up with some porn as the map.
Then I realized there was another server that was the real Gmod Tower.