Got no friends?

Do you have no friends? Do your friends often tell you they can’t see you because they are too busy enjoying the sun? Yes? Good, you have come to the right place! On Multiplay :: PVE|PVP/WIPED13.03/|KITS|SLOW DECAY|1/2CRAFT|ACTIVE ADMIN , we make you feel welcome! We make you feel wanted! Once you log into this magical realm of friendliness and happiness, you will forget ALL about having no friends! To get yourself started on this magnificent server, you can /vote and receive 100 metal ore! That’s right, 100! Not 25, not 50, but 100 voluptuous metal ore! Just be sure to type /voted after you have voted :smiley: !! Boy, I’ll tell you. The active admins and friendly folk on Multiplay :: PVE|PVP/WIPED13.03/|KITS|SLOW DECAY|1/2CRAFT|ACTIVE ADMIN are really one of a kind!

[It also has Oxide, so that means remove tool, economy, and much more]

Check out the server here:
The server even has it’s own website here:
To connect into this dimension of extravagance and breathtaking server, simply open up the console (F1) and type net.connect

Hope to see you in game! :wink: